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Liver roan colored German Shorthaired puppy in a man's gloved hand.


Our puppies are fantastic prospects for families and top tier hunting partners. Currently, our kennel is awaiting the next adorable litter, so no puppies are available at this time.

DBD5 Diamond Bird Dogs

Started Dogs

Dogs who have finished the development course and are ready for action! At the moment, all of our started dogs have found their hunting partners. 

DBD4 Diamond Bird Dogs

Finished Dogs

World class, experienced athletes who are ready to give you everything! Our finished dogs are all excelling in the field with their new families, and we currently do not have any ready for placement.

“I bought my first ever bird dog, Sheena, from Diamond Bird Dogs, just under a year ago and have been nothing but impressed by her. In the time I’ve had her, she’s been extremely receptive to training, quick to pick up on commands and slowly shown her skills as a bird dog. At 6 months old, she was pointing, repointing and fetching downed birds. She has been the best addition to my family and our lives wouldn’t be the same without our Sheena girl.”

Garrett Woodall

Sheena – German Shorthaired Pointer, Puppy

“Holli was purchased as a pup from Dylan Thomas, Owner of ‘Diamond Bird Dogs’. Dylan also methodically trained our quail hunting partner. We were so pleased with Dylan’s training, we purchased another pup “Clisti May” from him. Clisti is in training now and will joining Holli soon. We can’t wait to have another “Diamond Dog” performing for us. Thanks Dylan!”

The Kiper Family

Holli and Clisti – German Shorthaired Pointers, Bird Dog Development

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